The Katania is a classic Burger, and one of the most beautiful in the world. Built as one of America's first aluminum superyachts, for many years she was owned by one of South America's leading industrialists. In 1991, he commissioned the famed American yacht designer, Jack Hargrave, to extend and completely refit the vessel with all new, more powerful systems. The result is a vessel with unique eye-catching lines, that draws attention in every port she enters. In 1999, CEO Expeditions purchased her, and completed a meticulous classic interior refit to match her external elegance.

The Kayana was designed by one of Europe's most famous designers, Jon Bannenberg, and constructed to Lloyds' highest specifications at the time, by Vosper ThornyCraft, one of England's most respected ship builders. She was built strong enough to cross the Atlantic on her own hull, with a full size Lincoln Continental on top! This makes her an ideal luxury expedition yachting vessel, capable of going anywhere in the world. In 2001, she was purchased by CEO Expeditions, and has undergone three refits, the most recent in 2007. She is currently the most beautiful and well appointed luxury charter yacht available